If you have a bit of brilliance, this is the place for you

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What are we looking for?

At Genially, we have space for people who:
believe things can be done differently, don’t know how to work without having fun, dream big, think the team comes first, have innovation as their flag, see solutions before problems, fall in love with what they do.

Why live the Genially experience?

There are millions of reasons, but we can’t fit them all here :P

  • World Effect

    It’s awesome to have so many people see what you do.

  • Professional growth

    Small to learn from everyone. With a big future.

  • Flexible schedules

    Even Dracula would feel comfortable working here.

  • Young environment

    Young is not a number. It’s an attitude.

  • Cool people

    At least that’s what our moms call us.

  • Friday after work

    On Friday, we always have to end with a beer.

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