Creating incredible content has never been so easy

Feel like a genius

Do it quickly, easily, and get stunning results

If the world has changed, why are we still making boring presentations?

If technology has evolved, why are we still using programs from 20 years ago?

Now you can enjoy the versatility of a tool that combines the power of the online world (Internet, Social Media etc.), exquisite design and office software.

Genially is the fusion of all three. An “all-in-one” platform.

No more boring content!

Here’s the formula for the Wow Effect

  • Enriched Content

  • +
  • Design

  • =

Learn about the characteristics that will make you feel like a genius:

  • Macbook Image
  • Animation

    Bring your resources to life with movement

    Entrance, exit, continuous, and hover animations… Turn your creations into animated content in minutes.

    • Enrich your content with spectacular visual effects. Amaze with transitions between pages.

  • Interactivity

    Create communication experiences where exploration is the protagonist

    Add layers of information and create unique content. Now making more visual and less saturated content is in your hands.

    • No programming skills required

  • Macbook Image
Macbook Image


All the power of the internet in your content

Integrate the digital providers you want, and they’ll continue to work within the tool.

  • dropbox
  • google_maps
  • infogram
  • youtube
  • twitter

Integrate Google Maps, Graphics, Videos, Documents, Social Media, Gadgets, 3D Images, and more…

So easy that it seems like magic

Create the most awesome content you’ve ever made in just a few minutes

Monitor the success of your content

Measure and analyze what’s working and what’s not in your creations

iPad App

Other awesome characteristics

Make your life more efficient. Make your results more spectacular.

  • Collaborative

    Work with other people on the same document.

  • Cloud

    Create in the cloud from any computer with an internet connection.

  • Personalizable

    Personalize your creations with your logo and corporate image.

  • Multidevice

    View your creations where you want to and create from a computer or tablet.

  • Templates

    Over 400 professional educational or generic templates.

  • Resources

    Hundreds of resources: illustrations, icons, figures, maps, pins, etc.

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