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  • Retention

    Interactive content makes your audience participate actively and increases the time viewers stay with you.

  • Engagement

    81% of marketing experts believe that interactive content is the best way to grab an audience’s attention.

  • Memorable

    The majority of consumers affirm that interactive content is more memorable than static input.

  • + Gamification

    Learning through games increases motivation, improves concentration and lends itself to problem-solving work.

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  • Create interactive educational resources

    A single tool to create all kinds of didactic resources, presentations, games, interactive images, maps, illustrated processes, CVs, etc.

    Ideal for all levels of education (primary, secondary, and above) and e-learning.

    • Fast and Simple

    • Specific Templates

    • Collaborative

    • Paint and draw in view mode

  • Make your creations collaborative

    Work in groups on a project, with the comfort and immediacy of the cloud.

    Collaborate with an updatable link. Forget about all the different versions of a document and losing your files.

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  • Share how and where you want

    The fastest way to show and share your educational project.

    • Present and project it live.

    • Embed it into your website, blog, Moodle, ...

    • Upload creations to social networks like Facebook and be amazed by how awesome they look on your Twitter timeline.

    • Send a link via email, Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, ...

    • Download as a pdf or jpg to print or in HTML to view offline.

Tons of professors, students, educational centers and institutions are already bringing their content to life

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  • The University of Sydney
  • Uam

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