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  • Retention

    Interactive content makes your audience participate actively and increases the time viewers stay with you.

  • Engagement

    81% of marketing experts believe that interactive content is the best way to grab an audience’s attention.

  • Memorable

    The majority of consumers affirm that interactive content is more memorable than static input.

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  • The power of interactive content

    Create primarily visual stories where additional content can be explored through layers of information.

    Design from zero or upload your design and add interactivity in Genially without needing programming skills.

    • Tags

      Ideal for interactive images, infographics, illustrated processes, maps, etc.

    • Windows

      Ideal for presentations, dossiers, media, events, etc.

    • Navigate between pages

      Ideal for microsites, quizzes, games, ecards, CVs, etc.

    • Link

      Ideal for dossiers, posters, CVs, interactive images, media,...

  • Integrate external content in seconds

    Insert content from external providers (graphics, maps, videos, gifs, social media, etc.) into your creations.
    And have them retain all their original functions!

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  • Capture your audience’s attention with animation

    Bring your designs to life with movements and effects quickly and easily.

    • Entrance and exit animations.

    • Continuous and hover animations.

    • Special effects: disappear, blur, etc.

  • ... And share your incredible creations

    The fastest way to promote, entertain, explain and reel in your audience.

    • Send a link via email, Whatsapp, Telegram, Line, etc. View on any device.

    • Upload creations to social networks like Facebook and be amazed by how awesome they look on your Twitter timeline.

    • Embed them into your website, blog, Moodle, etc… just by pasting a link.

    • Download as a pdf or jpg to print or in HTML to view offline.

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Countless designers have stopped creating static content to make their content awesome

Get inspired!

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