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We have a mission

Our main goal is to allow anyone to create stunning, interactive, and animated content. We want to help improve the way we present, communicate, spread information, and teach.

And we’re making it happen. Over 1,000,000 people in more than 190 countries are already creating the visual content of the future with Genially.

Our Team

We love technology made for people, beautiful designs, and big ideas.

Genially is a reflection of who we are: designers, educators, marketers, biologists, programmers, communicators, engineers, architects,...

Our Handbook

  • We’re creative by nature
  • We’re social beings, ones that want to communicate
  • When facing the saturation of content: innovate
  • We’re visual creatures
  • We’re explorers
  • Life doesn’t just have a single dimension and neither does communication
  • Communication is an experience
  • We remember stories, and we love them
  • There’s no creativity without fun
  • There’s no success without innovation

More than a tool, a community of awesome people

  • Genially - Corporaciones


    Mail Boxes Etc., Oxford University, Santander Bank, Telefónica,... these are some of the companies that use Genially to innovate in their internal and external communication.

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  • Genially - Media


    Things are said, people talk, rumors are spread.... that geniallys have been spotted in media outlets like Clarín, The Huffington Post, Marca, L´Equipe, La Croix, RTL Group, Le Figaro, ...

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  • Genially - Edu


    Over 500,000 resources created in the education sector to support Gamification, Flipped Classrooms, Animacions, Games, Augmented reality, PLEs, Canvas, etc.

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  • Genially - Diseñadores

    Marketing and Design

    Thousands of professionals create presentations, infographics and interactive content daily to hook their audiences and get statistics on their use.

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The tool for creating interactive communication experiences that make your audience fall in love. Communicate, educate, and attract more than ever before. It’s time to bring your content to life.